3 More Unusual Forklift Uses

Forklifts are used all over the world for a wide variety of applications. Let's look at three more unexpected uses for forklifts here!

hyster all terrain forklift

The use of forklifts in hospitals may be unexpected, nevertheless forklifts are used in hospitals all over the world to transport large loads of medical supplies and equipment. More commonly seen in larger hospitals, forklifts are used to transport materials around hospital grounds safely and reduce the need for demanding physical labour. In addition, forklifts are also invaluable when it comes to the transportation of heavier medical supplies and expensive equipment such as medical machinery parts. Forklifts are also helpful when transporting basic hospital supplies around vast hospital grounds such as bedding, furniture and even food.

Race Tracks

Forklifts are commonly used at race tracks to lift and move car parts, tyres, race cars and various pieces of mechanical equipment. They are often used to move cars from the garage to the track so the cars do not have to be driven before racing. They are also used to quickly deliver heavy equipment and vehicles from one garage to another on larger race tracks.

Sporting Events

A lot goes on behind the scenes of your standard sports event. From lighting and sound equipment to athletic equipment and medical supplies, at every sports event, there are often large amounts of cargo that need to be transported across large areas of ground. Forklifts are often relied upon to transport this equipment across arenas, playing fields and large stadiums.