3 Unusual Forklift Uses

Unexpected Forklift Uses

Forklifts are essential tools for many workplaces and are most commonly associated with warehouses, construction sites and factories. However, they are also invaluable tools for many other industries, we explore three below:
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Beach Clearings

Perhaps the most uncommon and unusual use for forklifts is beach clearings. However, this is something that certainly does happen! With beach and water pollution unfortunately continuing to rise, beach cleanup organisations now need bigger and more powerful tools to remove the rubbish and debris accumulated on our shorelines. Thankfully, forklifts, especially all terrain forklifts are excellent for this niche type of work as they are able to move across all types of terrain with ease, including sandy and rocky beaches. Not only are forklifts great for helping to clean up beach rubbish, they can also help to re locate or dispose of large sea mammals that may have washed ashore.

Mining Work

Miners rely on forklifts for a number of uses including the relocation and dispensing of various materials. These materials include mining equipment such as power generators and conveyor systems as well as mined materials.

Although used at mining sites, forklifts will rarely enter the mines themselves but it does happen. In these cases, it is vital the forklift is narrow enough and powerful enough to work in awkward spaces and on unsteady terrain.

Agricultural and Farming Work

This one may not be that surprising, especially to those familiar with the farming and agricultural industry. Forklifts are highly advantageous tools within a farming environment; they help to lift, transport and organise a wide variety of farming materials from seed and crops to waste and hay. Not only can forklifts be used to transport materials but they also offer many other uses that are highly beneficial to farm work including: cleaning livestock areas, access high places in barns or warehouses, spreading seed and much more.