Exploring More Versa-Lift Models: The Versa Lift 100/140

In the heavy lifting sector, Versa-Lift is a well-known brand that stands out for its innovative machinery. Among its remarkable array of lifting solutions, the 100/140 Versa-Lift stands out as a formidable machine that redefines the limits of heavy lifting capacities.

Powerhouse: The 100/140 Versa-Lift

The 100/140 Versa-Lift model commands attention with its remarkable lifting capacity of up to 140,000 pounds. Powered by a 4.3L GM Engine, available in LP or Dual Fuel options, this beast of a machine is equipped to tackle the most demanding lifting tasks with ease. Its hydraulic system, featuring a Load Sensing Pump, ensures smooth and efficient operation, while the All-In-One Custom Manifold and Fully Sealed IP67 Electronic Controls and Components enhance control and reliability.

Safety and Operator Features

Safety takes precedence with the 100/140 Versa-Lift, boasting features like Machine Override capability and Diagnostics capability, providing peace of mind to operators. Operator-friendly features such as the Lift Capacity Calculator streamline load management, while the Extendable Counterweight and Fork Positioning system ensure stability and precision in load handling.

The Largest Versa-Lift

The 100/140 is the largest of the Versa-Lift model range and the biggest fork lift around. With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 140,000 pounds, the 100/140 challenges the boundaries of heavy lifting. It stands as a testament to Versa-Lift's dedication, pushing the limits of what's possible in the industry.

Additional Features and Customisation Options

Versatility is key with the 100/140 Versa-Lift, offering optional features like the Boom and Remote Control Capability for added flexibility. Custom forks are also available upon request, catering to specialised lifting needs and ensuring the versatility of this remarkable machine.

Applications and Versatility

From industrial settings to construction sites and specialised projects, the 100/140 Versa-Lift proves its mettle across diverse applications. Its unmatched versatility makes it the go-to solution for heavy lifting operations, reflecting Versa-Lift's commitment to innovation and excellence.

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