Heavy Duty Forklifts

Heavy duty forklifts are specialized industrial machines designed for heavy lifting and material handling operations. These machines are commonly used in warehouses, construction sites, shipping yards, and other heavy-duty applications that require the movement of large and heavy loads. Heavy duty forklifts come in various types and configurations, ranging from diesel-powered to electric and hybrid models.
One of the main features of heavy duty forklifts is their capacity to lift and move heavy loads with ease. These machines can lift loads of up to 100,000 pounds or more, making them ideal for handling large equipment, machinery, and other heavy loads. Additionally, heavy duty forklifts are designed to operate in harsh and challenging environments, such as outdoor construction sites or shipping yards, where other types of forklifts may not be suitable.

Heavy duty forklifts are also built for durability and reliability. They are constructed using high-quality materials and components that can withstand the rigors of heavy use and rough terrain. Many models come equipped with advanced features such as all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and high-clearance masts that enable them to operate in rough terrain or narrow spaces.

Overall, heavy duty forklifts are essential machines for industries that require the movement of heavy loads. With their high capacity, durability, and reliability, they are capable of handling the toughest material handling tasks with ease.
forklift in warehouse

All Terrain, Heavy Duty Forklift Hire from AEM Lifting

If you are looking to hire a forklift suitable for use on a wide range of terrain, AEM Lifting hire out a wide range of all terrain forklifts across the whole of Europe. Our depot is based in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. Our forklifts can be collected from our site however, if you are not local we can arrange transport for you at a very competitive price.