Telehandler Hire - How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Telehandler?

Telehandlers are indispensable pieces of moving and handling machinery. The telehandler belongs to various sectors including construction, agriculture, manufacturing and more. Many businesses choose to hire their telehandlers as and when needed rather than purchase them, as this is typically a more cost effective solution. Buying a telehandler first hand could set you back anywhere between £10,000 to £150,000 plus! Not only are telehandlers expensive to buy but different telehandlers are suited to different roles, which would mean most businesses needing more than one to meet all handling needs.
telehandler hire
The cost of telehandler hire varies depending on a number of factors including where you choose to hire it from, the telehandler itself and the amount of time you rent it for. Most telehandler hire companies will let out their equipment on a daily or weekly rate. Typically, weekly hire rates work out at less cost-per-day than a single day hire. Because of this, if you expect you will need the telehandler for more than a day you will likely benefit from a weekly hire. When it comes to telehandler hire there is no 'one cost fits all'. On average, you may be looking at around £100 a day but this can vary by hundreds of pounds depending on the telehandler and the hire company.

In addition to the cost of telehandler hire, you will also need to consider transportation costs. For example, if you are hiring from a local company you will need to ensure someone can legally drive the telehandler back to your site. Alternatively, you may need to arrange third party transportation of the telehandler. Some companies, such as ourselves can arrange this for you.

Finally, when calculating the cost of telehandler hire, don't forget to consider insurance. Check with your telehandler provider to find out whether insurance is included in the hire. If you already have a plant insurance policy, this may include hired-in-plant.