Versa-Lift, an innovative approach to material handling

Versa Lift is a cutting-edge material handling technology designed and created by Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc. (CME). The Versa-Lift line offers impressive lifting capacities and adjustable design. Since it's launch in 1994, Versa-Lift has helped to redefine heavy load handling across a plethora of industries.


Gary Dick embarked on the journey of founding Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc. (CME) back in 1993. Dick was driven by a passion for creating innovative material handling systems. The company started with humble beginnings, renting a small office space from the cutler repaving company in Lawrence, Kansas. Ever since, Versa Lift has continued to grow and thrive.


Versa Lift quickly outgrew the rented office space and moved to a new facility close by: Baldwin City. This is where Versa Lift Currently operates today.

The Versa-Lift Range

The 40/60 Versa-Lift was created specifically for Jim Taylor of Taylor Crane and Rigging and debuted in 1994. This versatile equipment served as the catalyst for CME's mission to revolutionise material handling. The agile 25/35 model, which has a maximum capacity of 35,000 pounds and serves the machinery moving industry, was introduced in 2000. This expansion demonstrated CME's dedication to fulfilling a variety of client requirements. CME debuted the ground-breaking 100/140 model in 2003, which had a tremendous lifting capacity of 140,000 pounds. This invention revolutionised the transportation of machines and offered a practical replacement for traditional gantry systems.

The versatile 17/25 model, introduced in 2017, addressed the clamour for a forklift with a compact wheelbase and high lifting potential. Sporting an extendable counterweight base and triple stage mast, the 17/25 model remains responsive to evolving customer needs.

Impact on the Industry

The Versa-Lift series has left an indelible mark on the material handling domain, particularly in machinery moving. By furnishing cost-effective solutions with hefty lifting capacities, CME has reshaped the landscape of heavy load handling.

Because of their effectiveness and adaptability, Versa-Lift models are now essential for companies across a variety of sectors. Customers depend on CME's cutting-edge solutions to improve their productivity and progress. Innovation and Client Satisfaction

CME's dedication to innovation and client contentment sets it apart in the material handling sphere. By perpetually refining and enhancing its product line, CME ensures clients receive superlative solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Testimonials from contented clientele bear testament to the quality and reliability of CME's Versa-Lift contrivances. From small-scale enterprises to conglomerates, clients entrust CME to deliver avant-garde material handling solutions that augment efficiency and productivity.

Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc. has established itself as a leading company in the material handling industry by focusing on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a wide range of Versa-Lift machines designed to meet different needs, CME consistently improves efficiency and productivity for businesses worldwide. Looking to Hire a Versa Lift? View our Versa lift range for hire today or get in touch to enquire about our fleet.